How to clean my new rims? For Australian Cars 2024

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How to clean my new rims Australia?

lets look at the best way to clean your rims and some of the ways we clean any of ours when they enter the shop.

Step 1 Wash:
In an ideal world the rims should be off the car, so you can access the back of the rim as in our experience, this is where most of the grime and brake dust accumulates. Then you’ll need to rinse the wheel with water to get any loose dirt and mud off. You’ll then need to use a product such as Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner and leave it for a minute or two, at all times ensure the wheel is kept sufficiently wet to avoid streaking. You’ll then need an alloy wheel brush to loosen any dirt that was left behind, paying particular attention to the inside of the rim to avoid dirt running through in the future. Next after a good scrub, another rinse is due and dry quickly with a good quality microfibre cloth, these from Bunnings are good for the casual user.

Step 2 Dry Clean:
Not just for clothes! So, usually step 1 above is best to get out the majority of dirt and grime from your wheels and is the way we clean the majority of our wheels and because they’re usually so new, gets off any muck. However, sometimes we’ll have a very dirty set and if the above method doesn’t clean the wheels to showroom standard, we’ll use a dry or waterless cleaner. Something like Meguiars Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tyre Cleaner is great and also has the added benefit of being ok to use on the tyre too. We find waterless cleaners a bit stronger when it comes to cleaning and removing stubborn marks.

Step 3 The strong stuff:
A warning on this one, unless you’re experienced or a professional We’d usually advice against this option. If you’ve got some baked on dirt a last resort could be to use either Turpentine or White spirits. Put a small amount on a microfibre cloth, wipe the area you’re trying to clean, rinse and dry with a fresh dry microfibre cloth, taking special care to not get the chemicals on your skin (gloves are a great option). But be careful as you can damage the surface of the wheel. Give us a shout and we’re happy to take a look for you.

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