Who Makes Toyota Rims?

by | Jan 2, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Well the obvious answer is Toyota right? Well that’s true, but they’re often not made in Japan, never mind Toyota. A number of Landcruiser Genuine OEM wheels for example, are made in Thailand as shown by the photo markings below.

Sahara Wheel

The Wheels above are for all 200 series Landcruisers and these were a premium option for 2016 onwards Toyota Landcruiser Sahara, a top of the line wheel, which we sell here it’s also a great example of what to look for if you’re buying wheels second hand. See the official Toyota logo stamped in along with the INS logo. There are a number fake wheels on the market, so grab yourself some peace of mind and always buy from a reputable source.

Always remember, you can buy your wheels direct from the manufacturer (here for Toyota) But you will pay over $1,000 for most Toyota Landcruiser wheels, especially the Sahara ones featured above and below (click images to buy wheels), or contact us here. And we’ll find you the best OEM Genuine wheels at a fair price and ship them anywhere in Australia.

Sahara Wheels

So, did back to the original question, who makes Toyota wheels? Well that’s an easy one really. Toyota, however they do sub contract certain wheels out to other brands to fulfil order. Genuine OEM are great quality and fit into the Toyota ethos of great, functional reliability. They’re a great option for your trailer or camper too, as if you have matching wheels on rig, you can either have 2 spares, or can get away with only carrying one.

Have another question about Genuine OEM wheels? Drop a question in the comments, or get in touch on our contact page we love all things cars and are always available for a chat!